Inter Academy councile of the national academies of South East Europe




24 November 2004, Skopje, Republic of Macedonia


1. Proposals of the activities of Inter-Academy Council for South-East Europe for the forthcoming period.

Acad. Cvetan Grozdanov, President of the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts, opened the meeting wishing to the participants inspiring and successful exchange of ideas for future cooperation. Dr. Azis Položani, Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Macedonia, greeted the meeting, emphasizing the importance of regional approach for further development of SEE countries and overcoming the mutual problems. SEE Academies should cooperate facilitating in that way the inclusion of their countries in global developmental trends (economic, scientific, cultural, etc.) and “not to remain hostages of the past”.

On behalf of the Interacademy Council, acad. Cvetan Grozdanov asked acad. Jordan Pop-Jordanov, former president of Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts, to chair the meeting.

Acad. Pop-Jordanov reminded that the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts prepared a list of proposals for Joint SEEA projects for EU FP-7 and for Interacademy committees, which was distributed to the participants prior to the meeting as a starting material for discussion, together with a list of the recent twenty four Academy’s internationally funded research projects. He mentioned that if one participates in internationally funded projects it is not important where he lives, so that even the brain drain problem is abated.
After a detailed discussion in which all participants took part, the conclusions concerning the program of interacademy activities were formulated It was agreed that each Ad hoc committee member should, within a week, email the host academy ( comments to the Attachment II, as well as provide the names of relevant contact persons, thus expressing interest for participation in projects and committees.

Chair, Acad. Jordan Pop-Jordanov